March 22 – World Water Day


Today, March 22, is World Water Day.  This is a day to consider how important fresh water is.  For me, it’s a reminder of how easy it is to take ready access to fresh water for granted.  Here’s some shocking information from Gospel for Asia’s website.

In South Asia, finding water that will not cause death in the family is a difficult challenge many face.

Women and children are forced to walk hours a day to find water sources such as filthy ponds or lakes, which are oftentimes contaminated with waterborne illnesses. Sometimes they know this will bring death and sickness to their families, but they have no other option.

“Almost all rivers are dry right now,” shared one Gospel for Asia worker, Daniel. But the water shortage in his village of Andhra Pradesh, India, was just beginning. “The real drought will come in the summer days…We have to wait almost six and a half months for the rain to come.”

Not far away, Gospel for Asia Pastor Layak spoke of the water shortage his people faced.” In the summer especially, the people here would bring water from the other villages,” he says. “The nearest village is at least four miles away.”

The Lord has used Jesus Wells profoundly. The water is freely offered to all, regardless of their religious background. But His love, demonstrated so clearly through the Jesus Well, makes such an impression on the people’s hearts that many choose to follow Him.

Would you consider helping me to raise $2,000 this year to dig two Jesus Wells for villages in Asia.  You can donate by visiting

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