It’s No Secret, I Hate Snow


Winter is my least favorite season (and not just because I can’t ride my bikes).  I can tolerate November, because I know Thanksgiving is coming.  December isn’t a problem, because I love Christmas.  But that long stretch between the beginning of January and the end of March is pretty miserable for me.  This year it seems like winter just won’t let go.  I took this picture this morning (March 26) from my office window.  Sure the sun is shining, but there’s SNOW ON THE GROUND!  That’s just not right.

Instead of complaining that my bikes are still in my basement because of this never-ending winter, I should be thankful for the snow.  Every inch of snow we receive helps to build our water table and ensures that we have an abundance of fresh water.  Considering how many people in Asia don’t have access to a safe water source, I shouldn’t be whining about an abundance of snow this year.

Visit my project page at Gospel for Asia to contribute to Project-H2O and help build two Jesus Wells this year for villages in Asia.  It’s better than complaining about our (seemingly) eternal winter!

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